Get Caffeinated After Iftar At EspressoLab!

Well, if you’re the type of person who drools over Facebook food porn videos throughout the day, daydreaming of it or even having the need to eat it all if the chance comes, you’re about to drool over something else, something even better. Freshly brewed coffee at EsspressoLab at Point 90 Mall in New Cairo, the aroma itself will put you in a caffeine coma!

It’s the perfect place to go to get your dose of good, freshly brewed coffee that will have you jumping and ready to start Ramadan’s, quite short, night-life.

The place is amazing, the scenery, the design. Simple yet comforting in a way. By around 9:30 PM, the place starts getting packed, with people catching up, studying, or just reading a good book with a nice cold or hot brew of coffee.

A recommended must-try is the bottled cold brew coffee. You get to choose the country of origin the coffee came from, and there’s a variety of regular, medium and strong caffeine, all depending on your preference. You can even add any flavor to it to sweeten and elevate your drink a bit. Sweetening your coffee with plain ordinary sugar is now a waste of potential, when there’s so much to choose from. Paired with any of their freshly baked goodies, you’re good to go till Sohour.

If you’re looking for awesome, affordable, and good quality coffee after Iftar, you shouldn’t think twice. Espresso Lab is the hub. You can even take the cold brew jars with you as keepsake, don’t they look refreshing?

How to be fully caffeinated after Iftar at EspressoLab!