Carnival Kids Magazine: The Initiative That Everyone Should Support!

Digital devices have been invading the markets worldwide for many years. People from all ages, young and old, are getting more obsessed and consumed the further technology advances. It has become an everyday necessity, more than just an entertaining device. And what makes the matter even more serious, is the fact that toddlers are using iPads and iPhones and what have you, and as a result, parents and children are spending less quality time together, and choose to have their faces glued to their screens. It gets even more serious, when parents give their gadgets to their children, just to fill their free time and not have the kids disturbing them.

Back in the 90’s, puzzles, card and board games, crayons and paper, were the best entertainment means we could keep ourselves busy with. We had so much fun, and we were being taught valuable lessons as well. Trying to get today’s children to play the way we used to seems crazy, but not impossible! “Bring Back Paper & Pen” is a new initiative that will work on teaching today’s kids to use the paper and pen more frequently and creatively! Get to know more about the creative Carnival Kids magazine initiative.

Carnival Kids Magazine

A young mother has just announced that she will be launching the first creative kid’s magazine soon. The magazine is supposed to include children DIY crafts ideas to be done at home, games, stories and more. The story began when she found herself spending less time with her children because of work and preferred keeping them busy with digital devices. She decided to quit her job and joining forces with her son, they both came up with the idea of creating a children’s magazine. You can read their full story here.



This magazine has mainly one objective, which is bringing back paper and pen as the predominant mean of entertainment to our children’s daily lives. The magazine also discusses the right ways to raise your kids, the best punishing approaches, and will also feature stories that will teach the little readers life lessons.

This initiative needs more exposure and deserves to be supported by everyone. Whether you’re a mother, a father, or a friend of a parent, supporting this great initiative will lead to more success, and raising more awareness on the importance of children expressing themselves in pen and paper! Know more about the awaited launch of Carnival Kids magazine through their website, and about the founding mother and son here.