It's Alright, Piecing The Puzzle Takes Time

It’s Alright, Piecing The Puzzle Takes Time

Things, matters, situations happen for a reason







Nothing can stop them

It’s natural

It’s life

And they will happen

And they all have reasons behind them

Where the key

The ultimate key

The one

You fight ...

What A Stranger Told Me Changed My Life

A Yellow Flower Is The Reason Why I Want To Be Better

It’s always been a common thought amongst many, that talking to a stranger can be so much easier, and sometimes much more relieving, than talking to someone who knows you well. From the stranger’s perspective, there are no memories, no ties and ...

You Can’t Stop Me, But I Can Stop Myself

You Can’t Stop Me, But I Can Stop Myself

Well, that’s a bit of a dramatic title, am I right? Truthfully, the explanation behind this very Oscar-ish title derives from people’s perception that they can stop you. Well, yes. In a way, they can. They can motivate you or stop you ...

Meet Zein: The Super Hero From A Super Family

A lot have been wondering and asking about the Zein ad that has been airing on many channels since the beginning of Ramadan. What people don’t know is that the ad features people describing the youngest hero you would hear of. So ...