People Who Are Always Late Are More Successful And Crea...

I have a confession: I am always the late person, who is currently in the process of recovery from this chronic disorder, yet still managing to get to work late today and to my embarrassment, repeatedly missing the deadline for submitting this ...

The Scent That Brings Me Comfort

No matter where they come from, there are always specific scents that take us back to certain memories of childhood, former relationships or summer trips. There are also memorable smells like:

  • Coffee in the morning
  • Camp fires
  • Pop corn
  • Your favorite ...

What Makes Happiest People Happy?

Life isn’t always a walk in the park! Believe me, life has made sure I come to terms with that fact. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon shoved into my mouth, and I have endured things that still haunt ...

The Story Of A Memory Baking Machine

I am becoming a memory baking machine.

I’m not exactly sure of how this came to be, but since the day you left, I am now able to remember everything that has happened in the past few years.

I used to forget ...

It's Alright, Piecing The Puzzle Takes Time

It’s Alright, Piecing The Puzzle Takes Time

Things, matters, situations happen for a reason







Nothing can stop them

It’s natural

It’s life

And they will happen

And they all have reasons behind them

Where the key

The ultimate key

The one

You fight ...

Love Me Only When I’m Happy

It’s a common thing really,


People just don’t want to be around people whom are sad


or grumpy all the time.


But that’s not right.


People need human interaction


It can help


It actually does



Why I'm Grateful For The Allure Of Music

Why I’m Grateful For The Allure Of Music


What makes it so … Well, words can’t really describe what music is

There are so many words in the dictionary

And it’s a subjective matter to each person

What makes music, songs or symphonies

Is the emotion

The passion that’s ...

What A Stranger Told Me Changed My Life

A Yellow Flower Is The Reason Why I Want To Be Better

It’s always been a common thought amongst many, that talking to a stranger can be so much easier, and sometimes much more relieving, than talking to someone who knows you well. From the stranger’s perspective, there are no memories, no ties and ...

You Can’t Stop Me, But I Can Stop Myself

You Can’t Stop Me, But I Can Stop Myself

Well, that’s a bit of a dramatic title, am I right? Truthfully, the explanation behind this very Oscar-ish title derives from people’s perception that they can stop you. Well, yes. In a way, they can. They can motivate you or stop you ...