WEGN: Chance Favors The Connected Entrepreneurs Globally!

Cartier’s Women’s Initiative Awards, an inspiring competition I skimmed through months earlier. Although I didn’t complete the application process, on the 8th of February I received a rejection email from Cartier.

“You were one amongst more than 1900 applications from more than 120 countries and we applaud your effort. Unfortunately, you have not been selected as one of this year’s finalists. I hope you also understand that we will be unable to provide you any feedback on an individual level. However, you are always welcome to apply again for next year’s edition provided you meet the eligibility criteria”

Ironically, Cartier took their words literally and didn’t provide this feedback on an individual level! They forgot to hit the Bcc button and despite their trials to recall the email, it was too late. Perhaps this has been the best mistake they ever did, the mail thread turned into a forum and Cartier’s rejects in few hours were all connected through different channels. Contacts database, Facebook group, LinkedIn group, WhatsApp and even the same country buddies agreed to meet up.

Luckily I found myself thrilled to take the initiative and started the Facebook group; I was taken away by the speed of joining the group. Everyone was excited. I received many ideas, suggestions, and initiatives. At the same time, a beautiful Italian artist volunteered to design the logo for the group. In less than an hour, we had an awesome logo!

Women Global Entrepreneurs Network (WEGN) that’s what we called our inspiring connection, perhaps the fastest name voting process too. Everyone started posting about their story and their dream project. I was taken away by the persistence of ladies from different countries, we spoke different languages but we all talk passion. I always believed that passionate people who strive for their dreams and live for a cause are making the world a better place, but on this day I have seen it. It was overwhelmed by the members’ profiles and backgrounds that it could take me a week to go through each and every project. With 200+ entrepreneurs in one place, you can find a project or two in every industry you can imagine from ecology, technology to natural cosmetics.


Ideas, tips, networking, support group, insights, and advice, building a bigger audience for each other’s business, learning new languages, sharing knowledge and more. WEGN is paradise for blooming founders and business owners all over the world.

If there is a word beyond inspired that would describe how I felt. Personally, I have had some conversations with fellow members in WEGN that changed my view on certain countries, shifted my paradigm towards a whole new level of acceptance and diversity. I am grateful for every single inspiring lady who joined this group; every word we chatted together gave me another reason to pursue my entrepreneurial dream. They say there are people who look exactly like you buy I believe there are souls that strive to achieve the same things somewhere else in the globe and I think I have met them.


Countries of members in WEGN (Women Entrepreneurs Global Network)

I always had that dream to travel the world but now I have another reason to meet every member of WEGN, the real global network of entrepreneurs without borders.