The Most Chill Workout You Will Ever Do This Ramadan Is At Ski Egypt!

Fitness holics and healthy lifestyle followers are currently facing one of the hardest challenges every day. It’s quite challenging to stay motivated and keep your workout routine continue normally during Ramadan. This month presents new routines and schedules including sleeping and working hours, eating habits and outings and of course, those Ramadan mouthwatering desserts you can’t resist which ruins your healthy lifestyle. The majority of us thinks of putting our fitness lifestyle on hiatus to be able to keep up with the pace of the days that go by so fast. Consequently, you might gain a few pounds here and there. It’s pretty easy to blame Ramadan, when in fact, all you need is motivation.

All the motivation you need for your workout is here! Ski Egypt has brought you one of the most exciting experiences you will ever try, which will keep you motivated to do your workouts throughout Ramadan.

Ski Egypt is the first indoor snow park in Egypt which accomodates about 7000 tons of snow. There, they offer you a variety of activities like snow sliders, skiing, skiing slopes and a lot more other amazing activities. During Ramadan, you may feel wired to visit them but currently, they are offering activities that suit the Holy month and your interests. There you will be able to enjoy amazing workout sessions. They have partnered with the well-known fitness instructor Samia Allouba to offer you workout classes in Ramadan every Saturday and Tuesday 4:30 & 9:30 PM including Zumba, Tabata and Circuit Training classes, inside the snow. If you pay for the entry ticket the class will be included, but if you want sign up for the class only, it will cost 120LE. So now in Ramadan, you can try to exercise like never before. A workout in the snow.

A normal workout done at the Gym has become something ordinary but trying it for the first time amidst the Egyptian North Pole and snow is really tempting and new. Have an unforgettable workout experience this Ramadan and know more about their other offered Ramadan programs, prices, and location through their Facebook page and website.