If You Had To Choose Between Power, Money And Fame, Which Would You Choose?

When asked during a truth or dare round on an outing with friends, whether I’d pick power, money or fame, I didn’t really need to think twice before confidently saying power. Even though my friends had other perceptions on the matter, still my decision for choosing power was simple. Why? Because sometimes, when you have one piece in the bag, the other will fall in naturally. Like rain on a cloudy day.

Because what would money get you? A few expensive things here or there, making all your wants and materialistic dreams come to life, and never having to think twice about paying bills. But what comes after you finally arrive home, arms sore from holding too many shopping bags. Your room just cluttered with objects you thought will make you happy, and they successfully did, but for only a limited amount of time, till you find yourself hungry for the next trendy product to come out. he cycle is endless. Buying things is fun, and it truly can make you feel like you own the world, but it’s just for a minute. So what’s the fun, where is the ultimate and true happiness in that? Think about it, even if you’re filthy rich, the best thing you could ever own, or to have the luxury of having is something money can’t buy.

Fame? A name on every tabloid, recognition everywhere you go, screaming fans running towards you, and never having a moment’s peace walking around, or reading a book and drinking coffee in some ordinary coffee shop. It might give you a small getaway to money, and maybe a bit of power, still, it doesn’t even come close to the type of power that actually makes a difference.

Because with power; money and fame would just come about as easy as boiling eggs. But that’s just my take on the matter, the question is still pulsing, if you were to choose one advantage, would it be power, money, or fame?