Christmas Movies That Will Make Your Holiday

It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is coming! (and winter) and so area all the Christmas movies we know and love. During this chilling weather, all anyone could think about is getting cozy in the comfort of our homes, wearing our fluffy socks, drinking a hot cup of hot chocolate and watching some good old Christmas movies. Nothing beats the classics am I right? So by all means, here’s a list of some movies we can’t help but re-watch every year during this splendid time.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

One of Tim Burton’s marvelous creations, a true Christmas classic.

The Grinch (2000)

We all have that one friend who doesn’t have a true Christmas spirit. Yet we keep chanting away our favorite Christmas songs.

Jingle All The Way (1996)

When Arnold Schwarzenegger was at his peak, we all are still waiting for our very one Turbo Man!

Love Actually (2003)

For all you romantic comedy lovers out there, this one’s perfect for you! Or actually, nine!

The Holiday (2006)

A Christmas movie all about white people problems. Yet it’s a favorite among some of us.

Harry Potter And Everything (2001-2011)

Even though it’s not all Christmasy, yet it still has a special feel during those festive times. Can you imagine spending Christmas at Hogwarts?

Home Alone (1990)

You can’t make a list of Christmas movies without including probably the best of all. Home Alone was every kid’s dream. Now we’re all grown up and have to pay bills and stuff. Nevertheless, it will ever be a Christmas classic for all ages.

Ahh all the childhood memories just came back and all I want to do is re-watch them all!