Is This How The Competition War Ends Between Pepsi & Coca-Cola This Ramadan?

Since the beginning of Ramadan, everyone has been glued to their TV’s and cell phones, keen to see the released ads and campaigns of all prominent and leading brands. Competitions are hot with the annual ad marathons, where brands like to showcase their creativity and increase their sales, but Ramadan 2017 is different. 80% of the ads currently showing on our screens are of the same direction and concept. Ads are either starring celebrities singing a mediocre song or a Ramadan gathering with miles of food and drinks. It is somewhat disappointing to have these second-hand ideas reused again and again and again. Ads speak a lot about how we celebrate Ramadan, and to us, Ramadan signifies much more than food and gatherings.

Almost two weeks into Ramadan 2017, and we have not yet seen the quality or the execution this time of the year deserves. One brand in particular, had no presence on our screens for the majority of Ramadan.

Pepsi was low-key, until yesterday when they released their teaser video on social media, which had immense interactions. Thousands of likes, comments, and shares, it looks like Pepsi is bringing something different, fun and exciting to the table.

Which makes us think, is this it for Pepsi and Coca-Cola this year?

It’s always been between them and about them, and we loved it. We loved not knowing which is better, or arguing with our friends which one had a stronger presence. Last Ramadan at the same time, Pepsi and Coca-Cola released their TV ads at the same time with the same concept and direction, which was a social responsibility campaign related to charity to help people. Is it a coincidence or was it planned? There’s something mysterious between those competing two brands, but Ramadan 2017 is a bit different! Coca-Cola already released their ad since the beginning of Ramadan and it was out of the direction that we all wait for every year.

After Pepsi’s teaser ad released, will Coca-Cola release another ad and abolish them of the ads soiree happening this year?

We shall wait and see.