This How You Convince People To Donate To Your Cause

I have a confession. I turn down the volume when a charity ad comes on TV. I don’t like to watch or listen to such ads. Don’t get me wrong, I am not cold-hearted, or insensitive, but I don’t like the feelings that these ads give me. I don’t like seeing children suffering from pain or people drinking unfiltered, dirty water. I don’t like to know that there are thousands of kids with heart diseases and can’t afford to do surgeries to become normal kids with normal lives. I don’t like to see children missing their parents because they are sick and don’t have the money to be cured. I don’t like the shock I get when an ad starts with a pretty girl with a nice background song, only to reveal later that she was severely burned.

If these ads intend to act as a reminder and a stimulant for me to donate to such cases, donating is the last thing that comes to my mind when watching them. Instead, I feel depressed, I feel helpless, and I feel sick of knowing that there’s people out there living in such unfair conditions.

But that’s not how I feel when I see 500500 ads. Instead, I  turn up the volume when their ads are playing. I even ask people to watch and listen with me, because I enjoy watching them! Whether it was the Zein ad, or the one with the happy song, I enjoy watching both, and I feel happy when I do.

They knew how to create a buzz

500500 knew how to capture everyone’s attention right from the very beginning. Starting by the Zein’s teaser which got everyone to wonder what and who is Zein, followed by the ad shedding light on him that led people talking about that cute strong kid who was able to defeat cancer, and finally by the very uplifting ad that touched everyone’s heart for the hopeful song playing in it and the awesome spirit of the celebrities dancing with the kids.

They gave us hope

Unlike other charity ads, 500500 ads don’t leave you shocked or depressed, instead it gives you hope. When I watch Zein’s ad, I love watching that kid who has really suffered but now is fine. I like to watch his parents who talk about how hard this journey was and how they were able to overcome it. And I feel the same when watching the ad with the song. I love watching and listening to that song, with the happy kids playing and with its strong lyrics telling the cancer patients that we will always be supporting them until they defeat cancer, and we know that this is exactly what they will do.

500500 were able to deliver their message and touch everyone’s heart using the best approaches. Shocking and depressing the audience are not the only ways to get them to donate to your cause. Sometimes showing the positive and hopeful side of the story can drive people to take action more than the negative one, and that’s what 500500 did. They gave us hope. They showed us happy kids and a happy world. They made us want to help in creating such one. They made us want to donate.

Hats off to 500500 and the team behind their campaigns.