Know the Best 10 Charity Organizations for Your Donations

When it comes to donations, everybody wants to donate. We want to let go of all our bad deeds, give back and be part of the community. Sometimes all we need is just guidance to where our money should go, or to which the most credible sources are. Donations are not only money; it can be just sharing some of your time or donating your old stuff. Nowadays, Egypt suffers from a big percentage of poverty and people around need help. There are millions of ways to contribute to your community, country and people in need. Here are the best ten charity associations you need to consider when giving money out to a good cause.

1- Misr El Kheir Foundation

It’s a nonprofit charity organization, operating in Egypt since 2007. They have five main categories for donations; which are, Health Scope, Social Solidarity, Scientific Research, Education and Aspects of Life.

Misr El kheir has always an open eye on everything. This is why they always have different types of campaigns for donations each period of time. Recently, they made “Ad-El-Shita Campaign” collecting money to get winter blankets for people in need in many governorates.

Misr El Kheir

There are many ways to communicate with Misr El Kheir Foundation for donations; like their bank account, hotline number, Fawry service, or online through the website by requesting a representative to come to your doorstep. Their website is so helpful as you can choose what service you want to donate for easily.

2- Al Joud Foundation

It’s founded since 2015 with a clear objective to help people. What makes Al Joud unique is how they educate everyone on working towards humanity through our daily life with simple acts of kindness.

Since 2015 Al Joud Foundation started helping Sinbillawain Hospital by getting equipments needed. Till now they donated 2 million EGP and they are still in action.

Al Joud Foundation mainly focuses on four major aspects; which are, medical support, food, social services and education. They accept money donations, in-kind donations, and volunteering.

Whether it is money, in-kind donations or sharing your time by volunteering, you can do it all! You can donate through their bank account, request a representative to come to where you are or volunteer by a request through a Facebook message. Just specify what activity you want to be part of.

3- 57357 Children's Cancer Hospital Egypt

A hospital specialized in treating cancer for children. It has started its activity in Egypt since 2007. Donating for such a hospital will help a lot of families and it will mean so much to them. 57357 has 6 major donation programs to choose from; naming opportunity, money zakat, sponsor a child, corporate giving, monthly donations and Volunteering. You can know more information through their website. You can donate with Fawry, Vodafone Cash or by sending a message to 57357 where you donate 5EGP or online through their Facebook page.

57357 always trying to motivate everyone who lives with cancer and motivate people to donate.

4- Baheya Foundation

It’s a one of a kind hospital. Baheya is the biggest charity hospital specialized in treating women’s breast cancer for free. You can donate by; buying a new medical device or by sponsoring a patient. You can donate online, through hotline number, through bank transaction, Fawry or a mobile message.

Supporting women is their main aim.

5-Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation

One of the most trusted foundations in Egypt. It was founded in 2009 and led by the internationally renowned heart transplant surgeon Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub. The hospital provides treatment for heart patients and surgeries for free. You can donate online through their website.

Recently some of the superstars in Egypt decided to support Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation through a video to motivate people to donate!

6- Egyptian Food Bank

Founded in 2005. Their aim is to fight hunger in Egypt and make it disappear in 2020 by achieving each year a target.

Egyptian Food Bank has many programs for donations; like, general donations, school feeding program, Alms giving program, Hayah Kaima- A dignified life, Vows and Redemptions and Sadaqah Jariyah.

Recently they did a very smart thing. They offered to people in White Friday with Mega Kheir organization. Whoever is going to donate, donations will be multiple two.


Help them to end the hunger in Egypt by donating through their bank account, Fawry service, SMS to 9595, Facebook payment application, Megakheir mobile applications or online through their website.

7- Ahl Masr Burns Hospital

Ahl Masr is the first Non-Profit Organization in Egypt and the Middle East to focus on Burn prevention and treatment. It was founded in 2013 providing free treatment and care to Burn patients.

Ahl Masr are always trying to support Burn victims. It was why some of the stars supported them through a music video 6 months ago.

They have many ways to donate:

  • Buy one of their products and it will be delivered to your doorstep. Collected money from purchased products will go for donations.
  • Buy one of their donation certificates. Certification starts from EGP50.
  • Hotline number, bank transaction, Fawry service, message 9899 or online through their website.
8- Resala Charity Organization

It has been in Egypt since 2000. They have many offices all over Egypt, represented in more than 60 branches. They have more than 33 Major aspects for donations. Recently they’re promoting for winter blankets and clothes and it’s called “Sak El-Shita”

Sak El -Shita

You can donate through their hotline or online through their website

9- Nahr El Kher Project

Nahr El Kheir was launched in 2012. Mainly they’re providing water and they build bathrooms in poor villages all over Egypt.

Nahr El Kheir they always tend to share stories about how people suffer from not having water to raise the awareness of how important their donations are to them.


You can donate through Fawry, hotline number, bank transaction or send a message through your phone. Know more through their website.

10 – Orman Charity Association

One of the oldest associations founded since 1993. Their aim is to help poor people and develop our community.

They are trying to reflect the reality of people who in need of our donations to help them through videos.



The main programs they offer for donations are; development projects, sponsor an orphan, educational support, healthcare and seasonal activities. You can donate online through their website or call their hotline number.

We all know that the power of giving back is always a good thing. Every day we give, we get something in return. Maybe we don’t recognize it on the spot, but there’s always a good thing that happens. You don’t have to wait for the holy occasions to donate. Make it a habit in your daily life. And remember that the more you donate, the more you get back.