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‘CurlyTalks’ is your Best Guide for Perfect Natural Curly Hair!

In the past few years, it was trending to go to the beach with exaggerated looks including fashionista-like outfits, heavy makeup, and sprayed-on hairstyles, which is anything but natural. The best thing about going to the beach is feeling the sand between your toes, the sound of the sea waves splashing, and the air breeze swooshing your hair around, all the more reason why you should embrace your flaws and leave your natural hair as it is.

Most of the Egyptian girls are born with natural curly or wavy hair. As time goes by, it’s hard to keep those natural curls and waves shiny and healthy, due to the excruciating weather conditions here in Egypt, amongst other factors. And in the Egyptian societies, it is highly looked upon to have clean and neat looks and appearances, part of the reason why most girls frequently damage their hair while straightening it all the time, thinking that that’s all they need to have fresh looking hair. But don’t you know that natural is always in, specially when you’re going to the beach? Although, adopting a curly hair look might be a struggle to most of the girls, specially with their damaged hair, but this is when CurlyTalks steps in. CurlyTalks will help you restore your natural hair and get the perfect look for the summer. Whether you’re going to the beach, or a fun dinner with your gal pals, CurlyTalks will be your savior!

Curly Talks

It is a page started by a girl who is passionate yet obsessed with curly hair, that features tutorials, tips, and pieces of advice on everything related to keeping those curls bouncy and healthy. This girl is helping girls every day to get the best-defined curls by not just giving tips, but by reviewing products that claim curl maintenance. From hair creams, to shampoos and conditioners, to hair sprays and oils, to many other natural products and more. She keeps her audience updated and informed on all new products, as well as their places of purchase. CurlyTalks will also tell you how to repair damaged hair from straightening, excessive hair coloring, and other factors. The page also features curly hair owners, how they revived and brought the life back to their curls, as well as expressing their pride in having curly hair.

Since it is the summer season now and for the next 3 months or so, it’s going to be all about the beach and traveling. They have made a video for you to explain how you can protect your hair from natural factors that will damage it, like the sun, the sea and pool water. Check it out!

‘CurlyTalks’ is your Best Guide for Perfect Natural Curly Hair!


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