Know the Best Gifts and Souvenirs to Get From Your Dahab’s Visit!

Dahab is considered one of the best places in Egypt to enjoy the amazing waters, sea view, unique cafes, and restaurants. This place is just magical. No doubt, when you go there, you will feel like you’ve been transitioned to another parallel universe full of stunning places. A piece of heaven on earth! This is the best sentence to describe Dahab. This place is known for years as one of the best spots to travel to. Whether you’re traveling in winter or summer, Dahab will be your best destination.  Actually, once you arrive there you will find a certain lifestyle that everyone is following. However, you will find yourself adapting to their lifestyle and getting addicted to it. Their main street at Dahab is beside the sea and it’s packed with lots of cafes, restaurants, shops and much places to just chill and relax!

If you’re going to Dahab now or soon, here are the best things you must get for your friends, family and yourself. These simple things will always remind you of the good days you enjoyed there and will remain as a good memory to keep. To guarantee that you will get the Dahabian spirit within you, you must buy these amazing  souvenirs.

HumanTaqa Crystals
• Energy Crystals

Energy crystals are sold in the form of bracelets and necklaces. In fact, these crystals work on balancing human energy. There are many types, colors, and shapes of these crystals.

They can be found at a place called “Human Taqa Crystals” and their prices range between 125 to 250 EGP.

• Boho Pants

These pants are fashionable yet comfy! You will find Dahabian people are wearing it everywhere as it fits every adventure anyone would be part of. Boho pants are available in many colors and in most of the stores located in Dahab’s main street.

They cost between 70 EGP to 90 EGP.

• Handmade Bracelets

Handmade bracelets are like a signature that reminds you of Dahab. These handmade bracelets can be found everywhere in Dahab. They are not only used as bracelets but also can be used in styling your hair, headphones, USB or whatever you want. Moreover, you may find small kids offering to do this service for you.

The price range for bracelets is between 2.5 to 10 EGP and as for wrapping your hair or other stuff, services range between 10 to 30 EGP.

• Spices

Dahab’s spices are unique and different other than any place. Cinnamon sticks, Bedouin tea and much more of other things. Everything there has a different taste. If you want to have new taste to your tea and food then you must buy from Dahab’s spices sellers.

They are available everywhere in Dahab and their price range is affordable, but it depends on what you buy.

• Bedouin Stuff

All Bedouin handmade stuff are so elegant and unique.  They can be found in different things like key-chains, shawls, dresses, vests, belts and much more. They’re available in the main street of Dahab.

Prices range between 10 to 300 EGP and it also depends on what you buy.

• Sand Art

Beautiful, colorful and untraditional! In fact, this kind of a gift would make anyone happy.

Price range starts from 10 EGP.

• Handmade Carpets

These handmade carpets are called Kilim Rugs. Actually, everyone is using them in Dahab. There are many styles and colors available there and they will definitely add the sense of artistic touch wherever you put.

Price range starts from 40 EGP.

Dahab painters
• Artistic Paintings

Becuase it’s a beautiful town, it must embrace beautiful minds and hands. In Dahab, you can find a lot of painters working on artistic portraits. You can find them in the main street of Dahab.

Price range starts from 50 EGP.