Why Morocco Is The Ultimate Exotic Destination

Let me just get this out of my system and into the universe. I AM DYING TO GO TO MOROCCO! There, I said it. It has been my number 1 on my top-countries-to-visit list for the past couple of years now, and this redundant obsession of mine is slowly eating me alive, manifesting my every thought. There are nights where I would log into Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr to marvel at the exquisite beauty that is Morocco, only to lead me many hours later to Skyscanner, looking for cheap flights. One-way flights. Teehee!

I still haven’t made it to Morocco! So instead I will just rant and vent my admiration to you my dear readers, explaining exactly why is it that I’m so hung up on these lands, and why you should be too!


Zellij or Zellige for those who don’t know, is a form of Islamic patterned tile work and is excessively used in the Moroccan and Algerian regions. This form of mosaic is used in all sorts of decorating houses, walls, floors, bathrooms and just about anything the tiles could stick to. Below is the video that initiated my Moroccan obsession. It’s because of this video that I learnt where this beautiful form of craftsmanship came from, and opened my eyes to the many artistic facets of Morocco.

Pretty Doors

Because of Morocco, I now suffer from a condition called ODD (Obsessive Door Disorder), which I just made up. Symptoms include continuous gasps of admiration and occasional Oh My God’s as I scavenge my way through the World Wide Web in search for the hottest doors, not forgetting to mention the lavish looking knobs. Wherever you roam, chances are you’d end up standing opposite to a beautiful entrance. Most of the doors I’ve seen have more character than most people I know. Here is my trivial collection of Morocco’s gorgeous doors.


Door-gasm at it’s finest!

The Blue City, Chefchaouen

This little province in Northwestern Morocco, also known as The Blue Pearl, is ridiculously blue. Buildings, walls, doors, alleys, streets and stairways, all of it is dyed in blue. Decorated with colorful flower pots, and market rugs, it comes as no surprise having been ranked as the sixth most beautiful city in the world for it’s 50 shades of blue.


Where ever you go, there’s just always something pretty to look at! I wonder if Moroccans ever get bored of how alluring their surroundings are.

Shopping Avenues

Shopping in Morocco is inescapable, (not that I know, but I would imagine so), and no matter how much of a self-disciplined shopper you ought yourself to be, you will always find yourself drawn to it’s beautiful and vibrant markets, quite specially in the city of Marrakesh. Leather bags, shoes, rugs, tea sets, colorful dye powder, spices, shawls, authentic hair oil, ceramics, pottery, accessories, souvenirs and olives are all sold like hot cakes amongst tourists and visitors. I guarantee you would want to get your hands on some of these, if not all of ‘em.

When heading back home, you are most probably going a few pounds heavier, so make sure you pack light prior to your flight.

The Night Life

You visited the markets and did your shopping spree, took hundreds of pictures of your hotel lunch meal (I hope not), roamed the streets and soaked up the good ol’ African sun. Now, play time’s over and here comes the good stuff, the real stuff. To fully know, grasp and digest a country, experience it at night. Movie screenings, plays, galleries, the opera, cultural events, museums, the food, the hospitality, parties at pubs and belly dancing shows, they’re all little things that make up the Morocco we know, and I plan on experiencing ALL of it.

This Hunka Munka


Oh come on, you know you went nuts for him too, especially after his “Lm3allem” video clip went viral, introducing us to the fun perky sides of the Moroccan music industry, wowing us with the vibrant and radiant garments and teaching us a little Moroccan, (I basically speak fluent Moroccan now!) Thanks to Saad’s smooth and sleek music video, Morocco is now under a lot of people’s radar for exotic destinations! Happy to see one of my favorite countries getting the recognition and the hype it deserves.