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A Dinosaur Mummy was Found! I’m So Excited and I Just Cant Hide It!


The news itself is so jaw dropping to the point of hyperventilation. If you were ever a Jurassic Park fan, which you must, a perfectly preserved Nodosaur fossil was discovered in Alberta, Canada last week. Not only is it the most flawlessly preserved dinosaur fossil to date but amongst the oldest, estimated at 110 million years old!

The prehistoric creature still has its guts and armored exoskeleton intact and can be viewed at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alta.

A postdoctoral researcher at Alberta’s Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology, Caleb Brown said “Normally when we find dinosaur fossils we just have a skeleton, the bones. And we have to use our imaginations to reconstruct what they look like”.

But this isn’t the case anymore for the 18-foot long, 3000 pound nodosaur, “we’re very lucky in that it’s not just the bones; we have all of the armor, the osteoderm is preserved, we also have all the skin preserved and it is in three dimensions.”

The nodosaur was first discovered back in 2011 during a mining expedition in Alberta. It was a scrupulous transfer of the multi-ton rock, where the nodosaur resided, to the museum which is approximately 420 miles south of Alberta. It took them approximately 6 years and 7000 hours of meticulous chipping.

It is believed that after the nodosaur died, it swept away into the sea by a flood. It sank so deep that its impact with the bottom of the sea created an instant crater surrounding the nodosaur. Sediments were automatically piled up over the nodosaur so quickly that it prevented any microorganisms to decompose the carcass.

So if you are ever curious to how the prehistoric creatures looked like during the Jurassic era, get yourself a ticket to Canada and visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum. This actually makes one think about all the possibilities out there to be yet discovered. I won’t lie, I am super excited and I just can’t hide it.

A Dinosaur Mummy was Found! I’m So Excited and I Just Cant Hide It!


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