Is Disneyland In Marsa Matrouh Really Happening?

Most of our childhood constituted of dreams of going to Disneyland. A magical place where dreams of meeting your favorite cartoon icons come true. Many a times, we would beg our parents to spend hefty amounts of money to take us there, or wait till we grow up, take matters into our own hands and make the money ourselves. But here’s the best part, you get to keep your money, AND visit Disneyland. The news broke on social media when the Minister of Marsa Matrouh announced that soon, Disneyland will be opening its doors in Egypt for the first time in history.

Every day at Disneyland is special, especially anniversaries! Last April, Disneyland celebrated their anniversary, and looking at it, it makes us wish we could be there too! All we’re waiting for is a confirmation from THE Disneyland, and we’re already on the map. No matter how old you are, there’s no denying that this is some exciting piece of news! There are several Disneylands around the world, why shouldn’t we get one too? The minister announced that we sign the contracts during the current month with a 2.5 billion EGP deal, but there are still many speculations.

We have seen and heard of many entertainment attractions opening in Egypt, but time seems to take it’s toll on them. Either turning into complete ghost towns, or just bad maintenance, our culture speaks for itself. How we view property and how we disown initiatives that could have a beneficial impact on our country’s tourism. The country had seen a dramatic persistent decline in the number of tourists visiting Egypt, but could Disneyland bring back the huge amount of tourism again?

This is the first time Disneyland has shown interest in investing in the Middle East, in Egypt specifically, which is something the ministry needs to keep in mind. This is not your average park down the street, this is Disneyland, and it’s going to grab thousands of tourists annually, both domestically and internationally.

Egypt’s Disneyland fate remains unknown, but until further notice, let’s enjoy the excitement and start saving money for our first Disneyland visit in Egypt!