“Divine Path” is a Collaborative Art Project you need to see!

If you haven’t heard of the “Divine Path” project, there is still a chance you noticed one of their artworks shared on your newsfeed. The collaborative project Divine Path or ماشي بنور الله is a creative Islamic art project between the photographer Mahmoud Gaballah and the Calligrapher Hatem Arafa. The project has witnessed unprecedented support reflected in the number of interactions and shares on the social media. The designs are eye-catching, heartwarming and very close to reality. The photos will leave you wondering where these place are and also reflecting on the meaning of the verses explained by the beauty of the scene.

Ramadan Art Project

The idea of the project is to combine photography and calligraphy by creating imaginary designs using verses from the Holy Quran. The correlation between the photo and the verse was perfectly picked. The characters, colors and complete scene are just brilliant. The project started at the beginning of Ramadan and each design has a different verse from a different part of the Quran respectively. In day one they posted a design with a verse from the first part of the Quran, day two featured a verse from part two, and so on till, they complete the 30 designs by the end of Ramadan.

As stated by Mahmoud Gaballah:

“We are humbled by your continuous support. The collaborative project #Divine_Path between Hatem & I is based on the idea of combining my photography with his calligraphy. We create imaginary designs using verses from the Holy Quran. We try to choose verses that correlate with photos as much as possible. Every design has a different verse from a different Juz’ of the Quran we hope to complete 30 designs in total. We would love to hear your thoughts about what we have completed as well as your favorites. We would like to thank you once more for all the support. And, we would be very happy if you could share this album with friends, family & loved ones.”

While Hatem Arafah explained:

“We integrate both the photo and the calligraphy using graphics, to express our fantasies about these verses from The Holy Quran during Ramadan. The project is exhausting and it is a challenge to us in every image. How to choose the appropriate photo and how to formulate its idea, how to coordinate the characters with each other and with the chosen space to reach this result, we may hit or miss. I have many thoughts that I would like to share about the project, but I will keep them until we finish, God willing. We would love to hear your opinions, and to learn about your favorite pieces so far. We appreciate your support and following.”

It was so hard to pick the best but here are our favorites, so far.


Check out the complete project here and show them your support by sharing.