Easy DIY Projects That Will Get Ramadan Spirit In Action!

Ramadan celebrations are hardly complete without the colorful lanterns and decorations covering every inch of our homes and public streets. When it’s Ramadan time, we always make sure we make our place warm by filling it with Ramadan decorations and accessories to feel the blessed vibes around us. We usually spend an extravagant amount of money to buy the biggest lanterns and the flashiest lights to hand on every corner. But rarely does anyone think of going the extra mile and actually creating these decorations with their own hands. Hard? Not at all. DIY crafts are the easiest to make, (which is why they’re called DIY), and when you make something with your own hands, you tend to fall in love with the outcome. These decorations will make your home have a cozy feel and filled with those Ramadanian vibes.
Below is a collection of the best and easiest DIY projects to get busy with, in preparations for the Holy month!
Through this video, you will learn how to make a simple tray with some decoration tips that will make your place look and feel like Ramadan.
With a pair of scissors, colorful paper, and a thread, you will make beautiful and vibrant decorations to add in your home.
Lanterns made out of floral wallpapers and water bottles will add that pop to your decorations.
Colorful Ramadan pillows are so easy to make with some simple steps. You can customize them yourself and change the pattern as you like.
Here are some pictures will also make you get inspired by some decoration ideas for your home.