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Know What Your Doodle Says About Your Personality

Whether we’re studying, stuck in a meeting, in a waiting area, a boring class, or on the phone, most of us end up doodling as long as there is a pen and paper in hand. Studies of professional handwriting analysts from the British Institute of Graphologists prove that we tend to doodle when we are bored or stressed. This study explains why we are most likely unaware or half-conscious of what we are drawing and this gives a glimpse surfaced on paper of what our inner preoccupations are.

Whether you scribble stars or sketch skills, we all end up doodling almost the same shapes. What you choose to doodle will reveal volumes about your personality and mood. Below are the most common doodles and their meanings.

Squares & Straight Geometric Shapes

You are stubborn, persistent, attentive and accurate.

Circles & Waved Lines

You are anxious and you need to control your attitude.


Upward Arrow: You are aware and responsible.

Downward Arrow: You tend to have a narcissistic personality.

An Arrow to the right: You look up to the future.

An Arrow to the left: You are stuck in the past.


Drawing neat stars means you are an ambitious person with good mental focus. While free hand, asymmetric stars show an energetic personality.

Flowers, Clouds, & Sun

You are a positive person and grateful for what you have. Flowers with round petals suggest an amicable person while hearts mean you’re in love.

Small Houses & Boxes

You are an organized person, you know your goals and you want to achieve them by any means. Doodling houses specifically reflects the need for security.

Bee Cells

You want to keep peace and love in your life and all you want is stability.

Characters & Faces

A good-looking face means you see the good side in others. While ugly faces mean you might be feeling insecure and want to escape some of your responsibilities. Child-like doodles of faces suggest neediness. Profiles indicate you’re an introvert.


The black and white chessboard doodling reflects patience and persistence. This also means you are weighing up your options in a confusing situation. The chessboard is also the favorite doodle of people who have mood swings.


Big eyes: You are an open-minded and social butterfly.

Starry eyes: you feel you are being watched.

Closed eyes: You refuse to make peace with yourself.

Signatures & Names

If you write your signature a lot, this shows you are an egoistic person or you like being the center of attention. Doodling someone else’s name, shows they are in your thoughts whether romantically or you have a problem with them.


Hearts obviously indicate you are a romantic person who is either in love or in love with the idea of love.

Stairs & Ladders

They symbolize ambition and willingness to work your way up. They might also indicate having an important or long-term task or the desire to be happier or more relaxed.

Boats, Cars, & Planes

Doodling any form of transportation, boats, cars or airplanes reflects a desire to escape from a situation.

Stick Figures

Commonly doodled by highly successful people, the simple stick figure indicates that you are in control of your emotions and incredibly focused on your life goals.

Know What Your Doodle Says About Your Personality




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