Gotham has Batman, Central City has the Flash and Egypt has Mo Salah!

One factor of success is having someone who believes in you, they keep pushing you, offering support and motivate you.
But what would happen if you have nationwide support?
You get Mohamed Salah.

Like an arrow pulled back, he got rejected from one big club at his hometown -Zamalek- at the very beginning of his professional career because nobody believed in his potentials then, the lad didn’t give up, going after a professional career abroad, coming from a small club in Cairo with a small fan base to one of the biggest clubs in Switzerland.

Maybe that was one fine reason to get all the possible support from Egyptians, to be honest, not being attributed to one fan base of one of the big rivals in the Egyptian premier league.

And if you ever wonder what would make a guy like Salah become the main pillar in every team he joins, it’s that he takes no time becoming familiar with the crowd, visiting rivals’ nets and assisting his friends.

Mo has always been the crowds’ favorite lad, getting them raising Egyptian flags, chanting his name, and -weirdly- seeking the Egyptian citizenship wishing for having pharaonic origins!

You know it’s more than just football when you see people in the Egyptian streets seeking every chance to see him playing, supporting whichever club he joins, lighting up social media platforms searching for his news, goals, and highlights of every single match he plays.

It’s like they’re searching for something that represents their hopes, or someone who is able to accomplish what they’ve failed to do, such a symbol to stand behind.

Coming all the way from three different leagues playing for 4 big clubs in Europe ending up as a well-known winger for Liverpool FC, Salah has stolen the lights in the English premier league being the top scorer, breaking records of his own team along with being everybody’s fantasy hero!

You can see how important he is for the team when the fans get mad at their coach Jürgen Klopp if Mo was not in the starting XI or even if he got substituted in the middle of the game, you hear the overwhelming chants for him every time he scores or dribbles and you can obviously see how his fellows celebrate with him with every goal or assist.

Yesterday and as a result of his phenomenal season and incredible performance Salah was rewarded the BBC Best African Footballer of the year!

Leading his national football team to the world cup for the first time in 30 years and recently having his name attached to the most successful club in the world -Real Madrid- for a potential transfer next season, we can say nothing but GOOD JOB SALAH!

Keep making us proud, and keep the Egyptian flag waving high.