Egypt’s Finally Qualified! So Why The Drama, Kojak?

The dream that we have been waiting for, for almost three decades has finally come true. The dream to qualify for the World Cup, and possibly even win, is no longer far-fetched. It is now a reality. I don’t remember the last time so many Egyptians were this happy and celebrated on the streets with loud music, cars honking and countless Egyptian flags fluttering. No one saw that last goal coming and we couldn’t have wished for a better unexpected ending. Because of that match, families and relatives gathered, friends connected, and even company employees live-streamed and enjoyed their time together! This is the impact yesterday night’s match had on everyone, including the ones who aren’t much into football, including myself, but oh the beats my heart skipped through it all. It was one hell of an exhausting roller-coaster ride, with us scoring one goal in Congo’s net, and then them scoring in our net. It was probably the saddest I’ve seen some of my friends. They were so eager for this win, hoping for just this one win to cheer them up, no matter the trivial effect they knew it would have on their lives. Only they chose to keep holding on, and waiting, as did I, and more than 100 million Egyptians all over the country. Mohamed Salah, in the very last few minutes, uplifted everyone’s spirits, and everybody got to go home, happy and excited about something. So excited, they couldn’t sleep.

I got back home, and scrolled through my social media accounts, liking and sharing all the win-related posts, when I stumbled upon one post in particular that was shared by Mohanad Kojak on Facebook.

I personally have nothing against Kojak, but I have a few things to say about this picture that clearly states, “We don’t need the World Cup, we need education, health, and above all respect!” I tried looking for it again but couldn’t find it, but then I remembered that I had already taken a screenshot of when he uploaded the same picture on his Instagram stories.

Back to the point, yes, our country needs MAJOR improvements in education, health and many other crucial aspects, I 100% agree. But having to point out faults and errors when everyone else is so happy is beyond me. Why feel the need to be so melodramatic, falsely deep, and more importantly belittle other individuals’ reasons of happiness. This is an event that we have been waiting for an entire generation and whether you like it or not, this is considered to be an accomplishment, and something to be proud of. The entire world is talking about us, and how Mohamed Salah and every other team member was an example of patience and success, for persevering and not giving up, till the last minute.

Egyptians are simple people, and the simplest of things make them happy, so in case you’re thinking this is too much for a football match, it’s not about the match, it’s about the happiness Egyptians look for in the simplest of things, and the happiness they deserve.

It’s been a long time since we’ve all been this collectively happy, so give us a break.