Know More About the First Charity Double-Decker Bus in Egypt!

Because it’s the month of generosity, we love promoting acts of kindness. Through out the month, we’re exposed to different initiatives targeting different needs. Close to Iftar time, we see places distributing food or offering it for free on tables for anyone who is in need for it. Those places are called “Ma’det El Rahman”. Whether on TV, radio or social media, hundreds of people are encouraging and motivating people to start by themselves and be the first to start a good deed. Ramadan always aims to change us and remind us of our roles as humans to help others. It’s refreshing and heart-warming to see many organizations and individuals helping people during Ramadan and even after Ramadan, in whichever shape or form that suits them best. But have you ever seen a double-decker bus disturbing food every day to people during Ramadan? Well, El-3ozouma does just that!


El-3ozouma is the first of its kind in Egypt. Seeing Ma’det El Rahman during Ramadan at different locations feeding people at Iftar time or distributing food is something predominantly usual to us, but when it comes to a doubl-decker bus roaming all over Cairo & Giza to feed people during Ramadan is a superb initiative.

El-3ozouma is the first moving Ma’det El Rahman. A super creative initiative which does the mainstream in a new approach. It mainly distributes Ramadan Boxes and feeds people at Iftar time all over Cairo and Giza for 30 days.  The double-decker feeds 100 people per day.

Worthy to mention, they have partnered with some of the most prominent brands, which wanted to be part of this initiative as well such as Fine Tissues, Egyptian Food bank, Rabea TeaDeyafaKiriazi and  Abdel Rahim Koueider.

Check out their video featuring what achievements they have unlocked last year as they have fed over 15,000 people and are aiming higher for 2017.

El-3ozouma deserves more positive exposure and acknowledgement and attract the media attention to motivate the audience on partaking in such initiatives. Not just because they are the first to feature a double-decker Ma’det El Rahman bus serving poor and hungry people in Ramadan, but because what they do is unique and different and deserve the attention of everyone. Thumbs up to their creative initiative!

You can communicate and know more about El-3ozouma through their Facebook page.