Empower The Vulnerable Children with The Doodle Factory!

This is an inspiring and emotional story, where a feeling of pride will consume you after reading this article. A feeling of pride and appreciation that this Egyptian initiative helps vulnerable children through a different approach. A new way to help them feel happier, and raise more money for them, to better improve the quality of their lives.

The Doodle Factory

The inspiring story behind this initiative started when the team visited a girl called Soad Ragheb. Soad was a six-year old girl who was born deaf. They asked her to doodle on a white paper what she felt, and took what was doodled to be turned into products and sold in order to fund her cochlear operation. This project was a collaboration with Ingez and Waslet Kheir. They mentioned that “The pilot project was a huge success and this is how The Doodle Factory was born!”

Apparently, Soad’s story opened a new way to The Doodle Factory to expand and help other children. They now collaborate with other different organizations to help children who are in need of medical and educational support. The process starts with a white paper given to the children to express themselves through drawing, like they had done with Soad. They use these designs the children drew to be printed on notebooks, coasters, bags and more of other products that serve our everyday lifestyle. They sell these products to fund medical, educational and survival needs of the children. The Doodle Factory collaborates with different stakeholders and organizations to inclusively empower vulnerable children. This means that the children contribute with their own drawings to take part in improving their own lives.

Soad was the start, and now is the chance many other children need and deserve. This is how The Doodle Factory chose to help those kids with creativity. Watch their latest video promoting what they do and some of their products. You can explore more about them through their website or Facebook page.