Know One Of The Most Entertaining Places To Visit And Swim With The Dolphins!

Traveling makes us happy and relaxed, and really is the best therapy! And as Egyptians, there’s so much yet to be discovered in our beautiful country. Sharm El Sheikh is considered as one of the most charming places to visit in Egypt, literally a piece of heaven on earth. With many cultural attractions, this place is probably the best place near the Red sea. One of the best and most thrilling experiences you can have in Sharm El Sheikh is to swim with the dolphins!

Whales, dolphins, fish and more, the Red Sea if full of different types of stunning creatures, and it’s super exciting to swim next to them and be surrounded by them. Sharm El Sheikh is known for being one of the best spots for swimming with dolphins around the world. The experience is thrill, fun, joyful and adventurous.

There are two ways of which you can swim with the dolphins. You either go on a trip to the sea with diving or snorkeling equipment and wait for them to surprise you, or you book a dolphin ride with Dolphina Park Sharm El Sheikh.

Dolphina Park

Dolphina Park is located in both Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada, Egypt. They have been operating since 2001, welcoming guests into their facilities to have fun with dolphins, penguins and more water creatures. They have a dedicated trainer and specialized teams that work very hard to ensure everyone’s having a good time, including the cute water creatures. There you will find many dolphin activities to choose from such as dolphins shows, swimming with the dolphins, diving with them, therapy, proposals, birthday celebrations and a lot more. Know more about their prices and reservations through their Facebook page and website.

Have a wonderful summer this year, trying new adventures and fun activities at Egypt’s spectacular destinations.