5 Essentials For A Better Summer!

Every summer has a different story. From the new fashion trends to the new friends we make, to the new places we visit, to the new products we buy, and so much more! We’re always eager on getting prepared for some fun summer travels with our friends and family. We all know that summer can be fun-filled and very hot as well. Furthermore, with its arrival, the sun is shining, tan lines are everywhere and cool soft drinks are our savior. But what do we pack with us is a relative question, depending on an individual’s daily routine and interests. Below is the most efficient essentials guide for you this summer! Get to know the best 5 things you must get and pack with you on your summer trips!

1- Beach Bean Bags

What’s better than having a comfy seating at the beach. Bean bags are considered to be perfect for beach time. They’re so comfy, relaxing and fun, and can be found at ariika. Prices start from 490 EGP and you can make your purchases through their website.

2- Polaroid Cameras

Summertime is always about creating new memories and we all love storing those memories to look at them later, and a polaroid camera will definitely come in handy. Save your memories in new creative ways, and have your memories hanged right in front of you in your working space or bedroom. Polaroid cameras can be found at

3- Summer Floats

Summer floats are always fun and there is no end to what your summer float could look like. A swan, a pineapple, or even something as mythical as a unicorn, they will always look amazing in your pictures as they help you stay afloat while you go for a dip. You can look for your favorite floats through ariika website, and other fun shapes at Hedeya online store.

4- Beach Bags

If you count the things you need to get while going to the beach, you will definitely lose count. You will need one big bag that would fit all your beach belongings. Your wallet to your tanning oils, sunscreen, cell phones, towels and more. Seashell Egypt is a 100% Egyptian brand that offers high quality and innovative summer beach products. They have got a variety of beach bags along with a new beach towel pillow bag. Check their facebook page for more details about their products.

5- Beauty Products

You should never neglect or slack on your skin care routine during the summer, and specially before and after taking a swim in the sea. Below are some products to carry with you if you’re going anywhere near the beach.

Dry Shampoo
Sometimes you are at the beach and you feel that you want to wash your hair. Think no more about going home for a shower. A dry shampoo will solve your issues along with refreshing and cleansing your hair, adding volume and a matte texture while absorbing the oils on your hair. The best dry shampoo to get is from H&M.

Mineral Water Spray
Sometimes your face feels tired and pale. A mineral Water spray will re-hydrate your skin and make you feel fresh! It’s recommended to use Evian Mineral Water Spray.

Coconut Oil
Tan lines make us so happy after each sunny day! Get the perfect natural bronze look for your skin with coconut oil instead of other artificial products. You can get the best Coconut oil from Nefertatri Shop at Cairo Festival City or from Imtenan shops.

Makeup Remover
Don’t you ever go to sleep while your face is still caked with makeup after a long and tiring day! Cleaning your face thoroughly will allow your pores to breathe and keep them healthy. It is recommended you use Garnier.