Everything’s Meant To Be, If You Just Wait And Believe!

Maybe it isn’t written in the stars


It’s just not meant to be.


They weren’t meant to last,


To live longer in your future.


But what was written,


Scribbled along the sidelines of the page


Were the long list of struggles


And obstacles


That you’ll have to go through,


Of all the memories left behind,


The good and the bad.


While it might seem agonizing at first,


But be patient my friend,


As tomorrow you will heal,






As by then, you’d be grateful for everything.


And believe,


Always believe,


That even after the worst storms,


The sun will eventually shine,


Spreading its rays of warmth on your soul,


And after then it would reveal


A magnificent, and beautiful rainbow


That illuminates nothing but hope.


And always believe that,


That rainbow was most definitely written in the stars.


It was scribbled onto the next page.


But you just had to go through the hurricane


And be patient


To finally get to see it.