The Final Days Of The Ottoman Empire In ‘The Promise’

In 1915, a mass murder, a genocide, has been executed on the Armenian citizens. A great deal of Armenians were stripped out of their homes, raped and eventually killed,  a million and a half of them, leading to years and years of sorrow and pain.

For so many years, an entire century now, the Armenian Genocide has been a neglected part of true history, with Armenians all over the world commemorating and expressing their sorrows through art, literature and poetry, in respects of their fallen ancestors.

Documentaries would depict acts of mass murder performed on the Armenians. Years and years have gone by with people ignoring pieces of film, art, and songs, created in honor of the genocide, but not anymore.

Thanks to The Promise; a movie starring award winners Christian Bale and Oscar Isaac and directed by Terry George, who also directed the award winning Hotel Rwanda. The movie depicts the fictional love triangle Bale and Isaac share with Charlotte Le Bon, during the after math of World War I and the end of the Ottoman Empire as we know it.

Watch the trailer:

While it has been said that the movie received a five-minute standing ovation at the Toronto Film Festival, and others claimed it was an absolute bore, there’s no denying that the movie is shedding light on two great nations and tackles a forgotten tragedy.

It is unknown when the movie will be released; be that as it may, we sure will be the first to give you a review.