The World’s First Painted Movie Is Finally Releasing This Autumn

What do you get when you assemble amazing potential and time? A masterpiece. This is what Loving Vincent truly is, a movie that illustrates the remarkable biography of Vincent Van Gogh, and we’re not using ‘illustrates’ figuratively here. The movie is literately illustrated by a team of painters.

Not following yet? Watch the trailer below.

Loving Vincent is the world’s first painted movie. The team, consisting of 100 exquisite painters, painted over 65,000 frames. The making of the movie took 6 years in total to plan and put together, 4 years to come up with the movie technique and 2 years for the artists to finish their painted frames.

The characters in the film had to all look similar to the characters in Van Gogh’s paintings, and thus they come from different nationalities around the world. Robert Gulaczyk for example, who plays Van Gogh, is a polish theater actor. Gulaczyk says that he got a phone call one day saying he looks like the painter and that he has an audition for a lead role on the same day for an international movie depicting the painter.

An experience on it’s own, watching art move and swirl on a screen in front of you definitely sets a new milestone for all art enthusiasts. And whether you like Van Gogh or you don’t, there’s no denying the phenomenal efforts exerted from hundreds of individuals, coming from different backgrounds, putting these frames together into what we believe is an extraordinary piece of art.

Watch out for it this coming September!