For the First Time in Egypt “Forever 21” will Launch their Store!

Since Mall of Egypt has opened its doors, people from all ages and interests are only talking about Mall of Egypt and how the mall is fascinating from inside. Actually, it’s the current talk of all people. The mall is truly amazing because it includes many amazing and surprising new stores, amusement parks, kids area and much more! Now 6th of October City is jammed with traffic as it has just opened and everyone is excited to go and discover the place. We all knew before we visit the mall that we’d find all the stores we’d love to see. But the weired thing here is; no one ever mentioned anything about the new amazing brand that’s going to open in Egypt for the first time! Girls will go crazy once the store opens its doors!

Forever 21

Forever 21 is an American fashion retailer with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. The brand has been operating since 1984 and it has grown to many countries worldwide. The brand has over 600 stores in America, Asia, the Middle East, and the UK. Forever 21 has been known among people as the best trendy fashion shop.

Forever 21 will open its store soon in Mall of Egypt. No certain date was announced but according to Mall of Egypt’s website, you can find the store on the first level of the mall. Many many girls in Egypt were shopping at Forever 21 online and they used to pay expensive shipping for what they’ve ordered just to arrive at their home door. Other people preferred to wait till they travel or to wait till one of their friends or relatives would travel and get them what they want from Forever 21. But the good news here is that every girl in Egypt will easily get what she wants as finally the store will be in Egypt. Now you can say goodbye to the big wishlist from Forever 21.

It seems like 2017 will keep surprising us with beautiful news all the way!