Forget About What People Think And Just Do You!

From the moment we wake up early in the morning, to the moment we shut our eyes at the end of the day, we make hundreds of exhausting decisions, which predominantly have been dictated by society’s do’s and don’ts, what people think of you and what people actually say about you! In a society that’s saturated with influencers and people showcasing their lives to the public, we have been losing our identity because of how mainstream media, and pop culture manifest and demonstrate individuality. Whichever way you choose to live your life, there will always be this tiny spec of insecurity and uncertainty, of what people might think, creating little scenarios in your head to all the possible justifications you could give to defend your way of life.

Recently, a woman has taken to social media and addressed this very matter to the public, summarizing it in a few lines that a lot of other women out there related to and resonated with. Her story began when she left her career to take care of her family, a husband and two children. When being asked why she chose to quit her job, she would always try so hard to give them reasons and justify how she chose to live her life, and where her priorities lie. She wasn’t the only one who did it, a lot of people fell victims of the same loop of actions, and tried to live by people’s terms. Other fellow working mothers as well, have spoken of how unsatisfied they were for leaving their children behind unattended and not taken proper care of, in order to pursue their careers.

This mother helped a lot of other women, both working and not working, and other individuals from various walks of life, to come to terms with the fact that we do let people dictate how we live our lives.

Her story basically shouts “Dare to be yourself. Shut your ears and keep going. It’s all about you, not about what people want you to be. Choose your route and be proud of yourself no matter what! Perhaps this is the time to recognize your reflection and start to reflect more on your identity. Say what you want to say, be what you want to be, wear clothes that suit only you, be different, do what makes you happy, and don’t seek perfections, just be YOURSELF.”