To The Friends Who Make Life Brighter

The saying ‘friends are the family you didn’t get to choose’, is so powerful. It’s meaning, its truth, it’s certainty.

Growing up with siblings, you always have your good and bad moments. You’d fight about why they took your favorite top, or why he’s taking so long on the PlayStation and not giving you your turn, or that one particular incident that happens in every household, when they eat your food!

While meeting new people from every walk of life, in school, college or work, the friends you get out of usually stick for years to come. They’re the shoulders you’d cry on when you’re upset, they’d go out of their way to make you a surprise birthday party, they’d stay up all night texting and talking to you about your existential crisis. They’re always there.

Sometimes however, they don’t really know everything about you. Because everyone has skeletons in their closets they just aren’t comfortable enough to let out, even with their best mates. But that’s very okay, and it changes absolutely nothing about your friendship. You’ll still sing along to your favorite music on the radio at the highest volume, share stories that go on for hours, and when you find that it’s already time to leave, you’ll still be sad because time flies when you’re having a good time.

Even if you aren’t addressing each other in a verbal manner, they’re still there, physically, busy scrolling through your phones, or laying on the bed reading a good book.

Friends are family, but real ones stick by you through thick and thin. As time goes on and life takes it’s toll on you, people’s true colors usually surface and an interesting process of filtering occurs. When you do find that one home group that sticks with you, they are the ones that deserve the medal of heroism and appreciation. They’re the ones you should stick with till the very end. They’re the ones worth everything.

This is a short token of appreciation to the friends who would never leave your side and are always there. A simple thank you doesn’t really cut it, as actions are way louder than words.