Why Getting A Fujifilm Instax Is Pointless

You’ve probably seen it on every Instagram feed, placed perfectly on white sheet beds, with some books and a cup of joe, and you can’t help but immediately think, ‘I want it!’. But do you, really?

With the new intsax mini 9 series released by Fujifilm, it won’t be much of a surprise when you find it on every electronic store shelves. It’s cute, compact and provides instant photos that are perfect to hang on your walls. But all these features don’t really qualify as a ‘you need this in your life’ gig.

The Price

Even though when the first globally recognized instax mini 8 was found on everyone’s Instagram feed, the price back then was around 700 EGP, a bit costly for a plastic camera. But now, with the price nearly doubled, it’s probably a good idea to start practicing the 3-day-thinking rule. That is, give yourself time to really think it through. Usually a three-day time period works best, and by the end of that third day, you’ll have a definite answer as to whether you really want to buy it or not.

Why Getting A Fujifilm Instax Is Pretty Pointless

The Film

The main issue if you will, with these types of cameras, is that in order to get all these amazing memories polarized forever, you need to buy the film for it. The same dilemma has gone with the doubled pricing for the film packs as well, if you can even find them anywhere.

By the beginning of 2017, the signs of the film packs becoming scarce were already showing. But now, you’ll go into a shopping mall with hopes and leave with disappointment. The film packs have become really hard to find, you can still order them online, but you will pay hefty amounts of money. Making you wanting to use them way less often, in order to keep as much film with you as possible.

The Quality

With no display, limited specifications and the flash always firing, the quality, vibrant colors and extreme focus you’d be expecting in the photo are a pretty major let down. You’ll find yourself holding your breath, waiting for the picture to develop, only to find either a really good shot, or a disappointed blur. ‘Another wasted picture!’, you’d think. It might however, take some trial and error to really understand how to fit what you’re taking a photo of and the proportions with the film. But with the other cons stated, why not just use your camera phone and get to control all aspects, and get a pleasing result?

To Sum Up

Overall, the main pro of this camera is just the sense of epic nostalgia. While taking the film out and swinging it in the air, as if to make the processing of the photo faster, is actually a myth and can disrupt the quality of the photo in the process.

Even with its modern re-branding, there’s no way anyone can’t help but think about the good old days. Even with the old and  original Polaroid camera, the quality still wasn’t the best, and it was just a show, used in countless movies. It was just the thought of owning it and getting all these precisely focused and perfect photos that were probably edited in the making, that made you want one in the first place.

This isn’t a professional camera; it’s not for heavy duty ‘capturing the moment’ situations, with all it’s emotions. It’s just for fun, and for snapping away goofy moments as you go. While one can’t complain about its pretty colors but when the cons outweigh the pros, the decision is to just let it go.