Be Grateful Everyday Not Just At Christmas Time

Imagine yourself at home, wearing your comfy socks, snuggled in a warm blanket and drinking a hot cup of cocoa. It feels safe, doesn’t it? Having a roof over your head may not seem like a big ordeal, when in reality it actually is. Counting your blessings may seem like an understatement by most. Whereas as human beings, it’s in our nature to always look up and want more than what we have. You may not be paying close attention that you have more blessings than others. You realize a blessing only when the situation comes, then you feel the sensation of loss and flashbacks of memories come rushing in.

Christmas is nigh, and it’s always been linked to counting your blessings. Even though counting your blessing would take you a couple of days. However, blessings shouldn’t just be mentioned or thanked for just during Christmas, but for every day of your life. As mentioned, counting all blessings is a tad bit too far, but here’s a heartwarming list of the most important blessings you should be thankful for every day.


Never underestimate the love that’s given by your family members. In whatever way the show it, through words or buying you that new phone you wanted. Having someone to get back to in life is a blessing in and out of itself.


As you grow up you mature. You learn and react to things differently. As some say, friends come and go. Good people will forever stay in your life.

A Home

Having a place called home just gives you warm feelings inside. It’s where all the memories start.

Materialistic Things

Being able to eat sushi or buy that expensive jacket gives you great pleasure. That feeling of fulfilling a want is very satisfying . Nevertheless, hold on to it before you start a job and have to prioritize your every move as well as paying taxes and stuff.


You can’t mention winter without mentioning the cold breezy weather, ten layers of clothing, Christmas and the flu. Remember the last time you were sick and couldn’t even get out of bed or when you couldn’t last five minutes without blowing your nose? Good health is a blessing in disguise, so double that dose of vitamin C!


Waking up in the morning, drinking your coffee, having breakfast and saying good morning to your loved ones is a gift that you should be thankful for.