This Is What A Group Of Writers Had To Say, On ‘Why I Love To Write International Day’!

Do you think expressing something you love is easy? Being overwhelmed, stuttering, eyes widen, and trying hard to think of reasons why you love something are very common. It shows how much you love that thing. And so on this day, we, a bunch of writers, decided to express our love for writing on Why I Love to Write International Day.

Ahmed Adel

For me, writing is my gateway to a better world that I create for myself, a means to express how I feel and let go of the thoughts that keep clashing into my head and a satisfaction for my everlasting yearning to perfection – given my OCD issues with wording, grammar and punctuation.  And it was never limited to writing articles, random thoughts or even Facebook updates.

I mean even texting counts.


Maha Hafez

Writing for me is, filling up the silence and gaps that sometimes prevail unconditionally.

In a parallel universe, writing makes me feel whole again!

A question unanswered is all spoken.

A feeling is ascended to be a relationship.

A task is fulfilled.

An idea is scaled up to be a project.

Friendships are kept.

Secrets are shared with a loyal paper-friend and kept locked forever.

Promises are kept. Countries are visited. Dreams are true. Music comes ALIVE!
Fear is allowed and low self-esteem is expressed.

It is the limitless universe that I can visit every now and then, for solutions or to keep dreams alive.
It makes me feel grounded showing the different colors of who I am!


Mohamed El Kasaby

Writing is a form of creation, and creation is a kingdom full of characters, dialogs and scripts. Flying dragons and genies, there is no “time” there, there is no “space”, and it’s a unique, dreamy, and emotional place that has its own time, physics and perception.

Creating a character, a place and describing it, thinking the words, while drawing each letter. Watching the character develop and grow in your articles and stories and your mind. Like Joseph hunt said, “Only a write will hold conversations between people that don’t exist. We don’t talk to ourselves, we talk to the people we had created”

Only a writer can die seven thousand times while he is still breathing and writing. Only a writer can watch a book! Only a writer’s mind is full of thousands and thousands of fictional characters, that live and talk, sing and sometimes argue and fight each other. It’s like throwing a party in your own head.

That’s why I write. It’s fun, you feel alive. You love, hate and talk with a thousand other people, and not moving an inch.

Writing is a mindset…

Writing is a passion…

Writing is a life on its own.


Nada Abdel Megeed

I work as a writer now. Never in a million years would I think that this is what I’ll be doing in the future. People always tell me I have to be confidant about how I write, but I still have that feeling that everyone is expressing in words better than I do.

But at the same time, I really love how writing is such an eye opening journey, learning so much from everything I write about, meeting lots of interesting people that let you inside their minds, seeing how things actually started to make sense, understanding myself more and not letting my thoughts just slip away and actually paying attention to them.

I know I still have a long way to go with my writing journey, but what is life without some thoughts that connects people together?


Nourine Salah

I love writing; it is how I usually express how I feel. Also as a political science student, researching and reading a lot then writing how I feel or what I believe was a huge part of my education. However, writing how I feel and sharing it with others was the hardest part for me. Yet, when I wrote an article that meant something to me and I saw how people reacted to it, how it actually affected them and how they received the message I wanted to deliver meant the world to me. This is why I love writing, because I might be feeling something and thinking that I am the only one going through it, then I share it with people and it actually affects them. We never know the power of words until it helps someone.


Radwa Khaled

In a world where nobody listens and everyone just wants to talk, writing is the only way I can express my opinions without being interrupted or disturbed. It is the only way I get to express the things I can’t say out loud. Writing is my tool that helps me organize my thoughts and understand myself.

I have learned a lot from books and articles that I have read. I love books that tell me about things I never knew I want to know about. I love books that make me know. I love knowing and I love writing about what I know. I have read books and articles that opened my mind to other things I never thought I would be interested in.  I love pieces that leaves me thinking, I love pieces that makes me change, and I want to make those kind of writings too.

I write for change. I write for the society.  I write because I’m hoping one day I could make a difference to this world.


Weam Emad

I never thought that today, my job would be all focused on writing. I’ve always loved reading; I have stacks of books everywhere in my room. Little me thought that I was only meant to be the reader, but once I started writing at my job around a year ago, it felt as if I’ve found my voice, state my mind’s random thoughts with no boundaries, and express myself in ways I simply couldn’t mutter.

It was fascinating.

Little by little, I understood how much words really have extraordinary power. I began gathering inspirations from everything around me, starting by seeing the sky, trees and people from a different lens. It was like a splash of cold water in August, refreshing.

Ever since that day, I’ve come to realize that what I do for a living isn’t really considered a job as much I’m practicing what I’ve now grown to be most passionate about. The art of writing everyday just seems to me like I’m living ‘the dream’.

I love to write because I can be me.


Do you like writing? What other forms of refuge do you find in writing? Share them with us!