What Halloween And Ramadan In Egypt Have In Common!

Halloween and Ramadan, what could possibly be in common between the two? Ramadan is the month when Muslims from all around the world fast as a form of worship, while Halloween is that one time of the year when all the dead come to life, figuratively speaking. Apart from being attributed to different cultures, regions and even religions, Halloween’s spooky spirits meet the Muslim Holy month Ramadan in more similarities than you dared to think.

Wearing Special Costumes

Each event has its own dress code. Ramadan, we can notice the ordinary white “Abaya” most of men and kids wear when going to the mosque, praying or reading Qur’an. While in Halloween we usually see a variety of spooky customs for costume parties, masks inspired by horror movies and other equipment such as swords, knives and wicked wands!


Yes, both are extreme opposites, yet each has a special spirit and atmosphere that surrounds it. Ramadan is remarkable for its calm and peaceful spirits according to the belief that demons are chained during the Holy month, Halloween, on the other hand, is known for the spooky spirits given the old sayings that the veil standing between the living and the dead is the most vulnerable then.


It’s a common custom between both events that kids hold specially made lanterns and sing either Halloween or Ramadan traditional songs. For Halloween, it’s usually the pumpkin-inspired lantern designs, and for Ramadan, it’s a design inspired by both the Islamic and Egyptian wooden patterns.

Trick or Treat?

Few and I mean few of us may have noticed the huge similarities between the comparatively recent custom, which is that kids hold a Halloween lantern and roam around from house to house, knocking on doors and asking for a “Treat”, which could be some form of candy or money instead. The “Trick” is an idle threat promised to the property owners if no treat is given.

As for Ramadan, if you go back to the old traditional songs and movies related to it, especially “حلو يا حلو”, you can find kids doing the same thing, holding lanterns, knocking on doors and asking for treats. It’s even mentioned in the song lyrics they sing when knocking on doors “حل الكيس وإدينا بقشيش يا نروح مانجيش يا حلو” and it means “Shake your pockets and give us coins or we will go away sad and never visit again”

When reflecting on the similarities, you will find that many celebrating customs between Ramadan and Halloween, and quite possibly many other events around the world, are shared. Rituals may differ from one to another, but celebrating and expressing joy, is what we all have in common and brings us together. Be on the lookout and tell us if there are other events that share customs or rituals in common.

And as for Halloween and Ramadan, are there other similarities that you’d want to share?