What Makes Happiest People Happy?

Life isn’t always a walk in the park! Believe me, life has made sure I come to terms with that fact. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon shoved into my mouth, and I have endured things that still haunt me to this day, so maybe I’m writing this as a note-to-self kind of gig, to remind myself, as well as you, of how do happiest people stay happy! How can we fit such substantial practices into our routines? Do happy people ever get bad days, and how do they survive them?

Everyone wants a big slice of happiness and we go out of our way, a lot, and do things that we normally wouldn’t do, to hopefully stumble upon it. Where some might fall into the trap of relating happiness to certain events or milestones in their lives like having more money, losing weight, getting married, and so on, we need to accept the fact that outer events and circumstances are only temporary fixes and unfortunately aren’t long lasting. Most of us are just sitting there, waiting for something nice to happen to us. To be fair, life is hard and it is filled with bad days, and sometimes, you just don’t want to do the effort anymore, but happiness is a mindset, and you can simply choose to be happy by embracing these simple habits into your everyday routines. Here’s the secret, no one can stop you to be happy except yourself.

  1. They start their day with a happy thought. A simple thought in the morning can change your view of reality. not just your day.
  2. They complement others, even strangers with no intentions except being nice.
  3. They don’t sweat the small stuff that stimulates anger like traffic, or coffee spill. Bad days happen to everyone but there are many things more worthy of your time and energy.
  4. They do random acts of kindness even if it was as simple as a small note to your co-worker or a piece of candy to a child.
  5. They don’t brag about number 4.
  6. They get things done and know well that done is better than perfect.
  7. They read. Books, articles, and anything that makes them discover and grow.
  8. They have their own quality time, to meditate, reflect or just do what they love.
  9. They accept their weaknesses and work on being better without faking it.
  10. They let out their emotions and express themselves in the heat of the moment, they don’t suppress feelings that might emerge later in different forms.
  11. They listen and enjoy conversations with different people.
  12. They don’t just breathe, they do mindful breathing from time to time to relax.
  13. They know when they need to say no and how to say it in a nice way.
  14. They ask questions about things that intrigue them.
  15. They find joy in the little things, a cup of coffee, random text, compliments, and smiles. Because the little things add up.
  16. They know how to relax and recharge their energy the way that best fits them.
  17. They go offline and are not obsessed with social media. Signing off allows you to live your life instead of watching other people live theirs.
  18. They ask for help when they need it without being too clingy or too arrogant.
  19. They apologize when they know they screwed things up.
  20. They take care of their health and well being.
  21. They get enough sleep, despite a busy day they make sure to catch up on a good beauty sleep.
  22. They drink water, we all know the magic water does to our bodies and health.
  23. They tell people they love them when they truly do.
  24. They plan getaways, even if you can’t afford an international travel, a road trip to the nearest coast will do.
  25. They accept failure as much as they want success. Focusing on learning from what went wrong will turn a mistake into something productive.
  26. They have empathy and make other people feel seen, heard, and cared about.
  27. They learn something every day.
  28. The fill their eyes first with a scene and then take a picture.
  29. They plan but accept things that might go wrong or things they can’t change.
  30. They say thank you and feel grateful for everything in their life.