Highlighting The Whole Page Is A Pointless Matter

A highlighter exists for one purpose,
But it seems that it has gone to ashes
Drifting away as the wind blows,
Right, left, it’s indecisive.
Flowing in the surrounding air, you just can’t see
How if you were to just highlight that one word
One significant sentence,
The page would have been left unburned.
It’s purpose still and thriving for the next.
Similarly, your inspirations rock the same boat.
With one element in hand,
Whether yellow or pink,
And the other in mind
You highlight
Marking it forever your goal to reach.
Making you a horse on the running track.
As painting the whole page neon
Attracts nothing more than simple distractions,
Robbing you of the motivation you once had,
When you first got a sense of your direction
Because why use a highlighter,
Thrive for goals,
Live dreams,
Be blind of the finish line up ahead
When you’ve created a hundred roadblocks in between.
By highlighting the whole page.