How Social Media Tricked Me Into Thinking My Friend Had It All!

I thought you were happy

I have a friend whom I thought was very happy, I thought she was happy when I saw her surrounded by her family.

I thought she was happy when I always heard her talking about her mother and how deep her love is for her.

I thought she was happy when I saw her Instagram stories laughing with her friends.

I thought she was happy when I saw her friends’ posts on Facebook that show their deep, unbreakable bond.

I thought she was happy when I saw a picture of her with her colleagues at work, thinking to myself ‘how lucky she is’ to be among such people who love and support her to that much.

I thought she was happy to be visiting a new country and going on a new adventure.

I thought she was happy when I saw her new ride.

I thought she was happy when I entered her fantasy home.

I thought she was happy when I saw her soul mate treating her like a princess amongst her friends.

I thought she was blessed in every single way and at some point, I wished I had the same blessings.

When we got close however, I got to know her without all these misleading masks, and I realized that I was blind.

No one saw how much she suffered, no one translated what’s really going on in her mind, no one saw how much her heart was aching with each passing day, how many problems she had. I realized that I was only seeing one chapter of her story. As I got closer, I found a lot of pain in every aspect of her life, with a completely different story behind every picture-perfect post.

Who are we to judge a person’s whole life by what we see on social media?

Social media is just fake, misleading and filtered with plenty of Ludwig.

What a shame!

From that moment on, I’ve come to realize how social media helps cover more than reveal.  How we’re so used to judging people by what our smartphone screens allow us to see. People always have a tendency to show us their very best, and it’s not because they want to be fake, but rather a failed attempt to piece out the life they wish to live.  I realized that behind those happy smiles, you can never understand what someone is really going through. I realized that in order to judge whether a person is happy or not, you have to dig deeper to really see their happy souls instead of their fake happy smiles.

From this moment on, I decided to never judge anyone again. Life’s tough, we need to understand that everyone has their own lives, that definitely carries many problems, barriers and obstacles. One should never underestimate people’s problems, as everyone has their own capacity to tolerate their own problems, which varies from one person to the next.

Everyone is fighting their own battle that no one knows about.

My dear,

I’m sorry for being so judgmental and blind for too long, I wish I could have helped you and never judged you by jumping into conclusions without any proof and building wrong assumptions

I simply, thought you were happy.

 Your friend,