How & Why You Should Stop Caring About What People Think

As the sun starts to rise, sneaking in a few rays of hope through your curtains. Your eyes begin to open, bit by bit. The alarm sounds off, but you hit snooze because your mind is still too preoccupied with thoughts. Random voices speaking, scenarios going through in your head, making absolutely no sense when spoken aloud, but they keep cramming your head like nails on a board. “Why do I even give it the time of day?”, you anxiously think to yourself as the thought of wearing heels to work pops to your mind.

Why care so much about what people think? It might be inevitable to think about it, which is true. But giving too much thought can really do you more harm than good. And there are simple ways that can help you drift away from those thoughts little by little.

What you think, you attract. This simply means that if you’re always thinking good thoughts, like complimenting someone on their amazing performance or their really awesome new bag, will ultimately come back to you. Maybe not on the same day, but in the near future, good thoughts will be thrown at you. Same goes with back talk, gossiping and negative thinking. Just don’t do it! Little by little, you’ll find yourself indulged in a positive environment with subliminal efforts made.

You’ll never please everyone. Not everyone thinks the same, and that’s one of the best things ever about human beings. Because if everyone thought the same, where would the world be? The innovation, recycling to ideas, modernism. The only one you should ever be pleasing is you.

You only get one life. Not following the ‘YOLO’ theme as much as just understanding that right now, this moment, you’ll never get back to it again. This combination of date, time, and the location is unique and will never come again. So rather than worrying too much on whether the color of your scarf matches your shirt perfectly, or whether someone might notice the different shades, is simply a waste of your time. Spend your moments wisely, care about the picture rather than the frame, because you literally only have one life to live.

Just set yourself free. Combining all the points above, the best conclusion of them all is to simply let yourself roam the lands and be free as a butterfly. That’s the only way you could really shut the negativity and voices in a small X-marked box and throw it down a well. And by time, my friend, what you’re thinking right now will be in the past; you’ll grow, mature and your mind will be preoccupied with more important and substantial things.

Purely backup your mindset with these thoughts, and tomorrow you’ll wake up rather admiring the beautiful rays of sunlight, hitting stop on your alarm, and getting up early to make your coffee. Because you’ll be breathing in the positivity in the air.

And wear those heels to work. Own it. Be you.