How Much of Yourself Can You Be In Today’s Society?

Let’s just get straight to the point here. Society sucks, and I think everyone is well aware of that by now. Pop-culture, the media, music; they’re all intertwined in this web that promotes nothing less than discouraging people to be themselves. Highlighting multiple times that being ‘different’ will always make you looked down upon. But on the other hand, these days society seems to experience some major signs of bipolar disorder. Since now they’re all pushing the message to ‘be yourself’. Well, okay. Noted. Even though following society’s mindset is kind of leading you straightway to a ‘boring’ life. One that would, in the lack of a better word, make you a bit narrow-minded, if I dare say so.

It’s a challenge every day of some sort. Going day by day with the ‘I don’t care’ attitude can really be exhausting. Never mind all the questions, comments and looks we keep getting every day. Regardless of how many times those questions were answered, the notifications keeps popping.

Personally, I never let society’s multiple turnarounds affect me. Because I’m simply me. I’ll dress the way I want. I’ll buy leather pants just for the fun of it. I’ll splurge on a notebook that has the infamous Batman logo on it. I’ll still wear my ugly ugg boots during August for all I care. It’s a bit of a weird phase for our generation at the moment. Trying to be ‘in’ with the crowd yet still be unique. Fitting in with a group of friends who’d really understand you, and take you in for just being you is kind of hard these days. Unfortunately, (queue the sad music).

Life’s kind of tough in a way. But honestly, judging people upon what they’re wearing, what music they love jamming out to or whether some thinks that sugary, fully whipped vanilla latte they drink in the mornings is considered coffee, is simply, their choice. Seriously, if people were to care more about the economic crisis or Africa’s never-ending starvation epidemic or the fact that Kim Kardashian is having a third baby (god, save us all), the world might be a better place, instead of hopelessly commenting and judging other people for standing up to stupid norms.