Why I’m Grateful For The Allure Of Music


What makes it so … Well, words can’t really describe what music is

There are so many words in the dictionary

And it’s a subjective matter to each person

What makes music, songs or symphonies

Is the emotion

The passion that’s made behind it

Song lyrics aren’t just made out of thin air

There’s a life long story that backs it up

Or it might not, depending on the artists

How each drum beat, piano note, a string guitar touches your soul

At the right time


It’s not something you can see

Touch or taste

But the feelings, the sounds are nothing but hypnotic

It puts you in this trance

A state of mind where your sober and not sober at the same time

It transports you through time

It’s like being abducted,

Taken to a different place

When in reality you’re stuck in traffic on a hot day

That’s the beauty of music

That’s why I’m grateful for it

Each song accompanies a memory

A story, that whenever I listen to again

I’ll remember the memories, events that happened when I first played it

It’s a time machine of some sort

Even when you’re stuck in your room

With no Internet


Music takes you to wild places

It makes your daydreams better, more vivid

It makes the world a better place

That’s why I’m grateful for music

Sweet, soul touching music.