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Innovating in the fabrics industry with storytelling

The word fabric is so underrated in Egypt. Perhaps it reminds you with those nightmare journeys along with your mom looking for furniture textiles. Those uprising start ups will make you rethink the former idea and shift your paradigm. Not only they are made in Egypt but with hands and hearts of passionate people. We can now have art pieces at our homes A.K.A Fabrics.

Inca & Co.

Inca and Co. are selling storytelling fabrics. The brand, founded by true Egyptian Entrepreneurs: Mostafa El Nahawy, Mostafa Korany, and Ahmed Fadda. They are dedicated to designing bohemian, artistic and gorgeous home fabrics.

Inca and Co. work is a fragment of the inspiration by countries around the world, embodied in stories. They reflect cultures of different cities; there’s a Marrakesh story, a Mykonos story, a Mexico story … and each piece adds an authentic value to the place.

Their Instagram feed is a wonderland of patterns and colors and makes you feel like you just traveled to a happy place.

Location: Zamalek and Downtown Katameya


Naseej by Mardini, it was started with the purpose of innovating in the home fabric industry. Founders at Naseej have curated a four-themed fabric collection. All their fabrics will leave you with the impression of originality and natural touch since most of them are made of 100% linen with premium cotton.

  • The first theme is Paradiso, which is Latin word for paradise. It combines bright colours and florals to set a heavenly mood.
  • Second is the Ethnic theme, which has been handpicked for the disguised tribesmen wandering in our modern-day society.
  • Third theme is Monarch, inspired by Parisian-taste; it is intended for the classy ones amongst us who settle for nothing less than utter royalty.
  • Fourth is the Basic theme, consisting mostly of plain fabrics with a variety of new textures and colours, perfect for the minimalists going for a Corbusier-inspired interior.

Location: Mohandseen

Follow their Instagram for inspiring photos!

Tamara Fabrics

Tamara fabrics the new brand by Joud home, their work is driven by passion and art. If you want to stand out with your home upholstery, curtains and fabrics you should buy from Tamara fabrics.

Authenticity and colors are their key ingredients to their elegant and delicate designs. Dream of a happy place, you will find part of it at tamara fabrics and own it at your home.

Showroom location: Geziret el Arab

Check their Instagram photos, they are real unlike your pinterest fantasies.

Innovating in the fabrics industry with storytelling




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