Are This Year’s Ramadan Dessert Creations #Worth_It?

2017’s Ramadan has been a special one, but it isn’t over yet, with so many desserts that still need your fork dipped in. This year has been a big bomb of sugar rush, with weird mash-ups of oriental and western desserts. Some had an elegant surprising taste, while others just felt like the baker ran out of ideas and decided to just put two and two together.

But adding those numbers apparently didn’t come cheap, at least for the dessert shops. A hefty price tag was accompanied by that heavy box of desserts that would be devoured within minutes at any gathering, which puts everyone’s brains buzzing. They want to buy the desserts, because it simply looks good, (everything looks good when you’re fasting), and at the same time they don’t, because they can get all those ingredients and make a better, bigger dessert at home! Just have to keep an eye on that oven!

And what’s up with those Konafa cup jars or whatever, do you really think anyone wants two spoonfuls of Konafa drizzled with chocolate? I’m sorry but are you trying to sell these to Oliver Twists? More, please!

The question that really matters here is whether or not they’re actually worth it. So we go to a couple of friends, who really, really like desserts, picked up some of this year’s weirdest and coolest looking creations, and made them try the desserts to see what their thoughts were. Whether they believe they’re worth going back to for a second serving, or even purchasing it in the first place.

Check out if they’re #Worth_It!