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Know More About the First Human Head Transplant in History!

Is it an act of craziness or a decision based on research and hard work for years? In 2015, Sergio Canavero; an Italian neurosurgeon announced about human head transplant surgery that he is planning to perform for the first time in history by 2017.  All the media was attracted to him and he became the talk of the people at that time. Everyone was amazed about this decision yet afraid of its failure. Head transplant is a surgical operation using one head on another body. Usually, head transplants are performed on animals like monkeys, rats, and dogs as well. All of these experiments haven’t succeeded yet and all of the animals died shortly afterward. In fact, human transplant surgery was a great move but still a big risk to the patient who’s going to do it. It’s like walking to death with a low percentage to come back to life. However, there’s no guarantee on the success of that surgery but hopefully, it will succeed.

It’s almost 8 months left for the surgery.  The surgery will be done on a 31-year-old Russian with a rare disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The patient briefly had complete body paralysis that makes him unable of moving normally, along with other destroying symptoms. The patient Valery Spiridonov has volunteered to offer his head for Canavero’s studies.

The surgery is expected to cost over $11 Million and is expected to consume up to 36 hours, by a team of doctors and nurses consisting of 150 persons. The operation includes cooling the patient’s head around 15 C° and then reconnecting it to the donated body of a brain-dead person.  This video explains simply how the surgery is supposed to work.

Having a dangerous disease is not something easy to live with, but taking the decision of a head transplant surgery is definitely a bold move. Of course, if the surgery went well, the patient will suffer from serious side effects, but let’s think of the bright side; it will be considered as a huge success for the whole world; a step forward towards enhancement in the medical field and a new beginning for the patient to live his life.

Know More About the First Human Head Transplant in History!


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