A Fall Full Of Fear: ‘IT’

Forget The Conjuring, Annabel, and all those demonic possession movies. There’s a new horror coming soon to your theaters on the 8th of September, that will make you think back at all your childhood memories and thank God they were happy ones. The new remake of the famous book to movie adaption by Stephen King ‘IT’ is coming soon, and its latest trailer just came out. So here are the deets you should know before you book your early bird ticket for the movie.

Stephen King might be called the master of creating horror movies, a beautiful photo created by a fan that was later posted by 9gag shows a photo of all his twisted main characters sit together and play a game of Ouija, which might be considered a bit silly as the characters are much more scarier than that.

The original movie was released in 1990, scaring the generations of the early millennials, so it seems it’s about time another generation gets scared out of their seats by none-other than a guy with white powdered makeup and a red squishy nose. Remember the time when you’d go to McDonald’s and be a bit freaked out just by seeing the poster of Ronald? Yeah, it’s payback time.

A Fall Full Of Fear: 'IT'

You’ll never look at a red balloon the same way again, the movie isn’t just about a group of kids trying to solve a crime. It’s a coming of age story, showing how bonding and standing together as one helps defeat all evil. A message that could be perceived by all people of all ages, with their own perspective. All that and a small dose of creepiness make it even more intriguing.

A Fall Full Of Fear: 'IT'

After you watch the trailer, you’ll find yourself Google-ing who’s playing the evil clown in this haunting remake. And it might come as a surprise that Bill Skarsgård is the one. We call dibs on the hopes that he will become a rising star come this September!

Have you noticed the number of times IT was mentioned in this article, after watching this movie, the word ‘it’ should way a ton.

Watch the trailer and get a taste of what’s to come: