Karak is a New Tea Recipe that Will Blow Your Mind Away!

Good Morning! Did you mean tea? This is just a normal thing you may hear on your morning from your college, driver or even yourself. In fact, some people cannot function their morning without a hot cup of tea served.  In these cold wintry days, one warm cup of tea can be your own savior. Of course, we all know there are many types of tea from different cultures. However, each person who loves tea, just drinks it in his or her own way. From here, we are introducing to you a unique and scrumptious type of tea that will be your everyday companion.

It’s an Indian tea that’s usually served in Arab countries. Karak tea is usually sweet with a nice flavor of some spices and a good fragrance like a rose. It’s always a refreshing and delicious Indian hot drink.  Here are one of the easiest recipes for the traditional Middle Eastern Karak Tea just to guide you to make your own if you ever want to try it.

Karak Tea

Whether you love doing it yourself or you just want to try it in a cozy place with your friends, you will definitely love it. In fact, there are many places serving this tea and one of them is “Tamara Lebanese Bistro.” You can try it there or just make it at home. Remember this with no doubt; one single sip of Karak tea will warm your body and soul!