Karma Is Going To Hit Me And You Hard For This!

Ever so often than desired, people usually have this ever-growing sense of being the boss. Being a level higher, speaking down rather than speaking up. Most people would love to accomplish this in their careers, because who wouldn’t want to be their own boss? Regardless of the amount of pressure and work that comes with it, it is still a title everyone longs for.

However, it seems that people have deviated from wanting to go up the working hierarchy, and instead, want to get that feeling of utmost awesomeness through regular day to day encounters with random people in the streets. Well, there’s a bit of a thin line between being awesome and being rude, and it gets mixed up a lot. You or the people around you may perceive it differently, depends on how you act it up really. Why am I talking about this? What’s the point in all this? Well, let me tell you the story of when that thin line was drawn up so thick, that my eyes could no longer oversee it.

Recently I’ve unknowingly found myself doing just that, being unbelievably rude to random strangers. For no reason! If someone mixes up my order, or doesn’t get the check quick enough, all hell would break loose, and my most recent encounter was what motivated me to write this.

Feeling the most uncomfortable sensation in the world as I was leaving the gas station one day. I was getting a few goodies for my friends and I, while asking the guy, who looked young, with nervousness in his eyes and had seemed to just put on his brand new uniform only two days ago. I asked for a specific brand of cigarettes, the guy looks at me, baffled, I repeated the request, and the guy still had the deer in the headlights expression. Annoyed, I found myself pointing behind him, and he quickly jumped and started looking on the endless rows, trying to find the right pack, later apologizing with his hands shaking as he’s giving me my cash back and receipt.

However, while he was shaking behind the counter, trying to add up the order and give me my total, I was in a bubble all on my own, I was in awe at myself. By now you’re probably thinking about what a horrible person I am for being ‘mean’, or getting annoyed oh so quickly over something so insignificant.

While the guy was taking my money and putting it in the counter, I felt sad, mad, and just wanted nothing but to go around in the shop and get him something to express my remorse. I may not be that great with words or saying something at the right time, but boy do I have a face that could probably beat the White Walkers. Thinking of getting something tangible to say ‘I’m sorry’ has always been my way. As he hands me my stuff, I say ‘thank you’ out loud, in the hopes that he might hear, or accept this neglected apology, but he just hid his face in shame, and that was all because of me.

This situation I just wrote, this was not the first time, for me, you or him. Because we’ve all been put in this situation one way or another, whether you’re in front of or behind the counter. As I was leaving the store, going back to my friends, trying to act like those last two minutes did not happen, it was still there, playing back, rewinding and repeating, in my mind.

Along with the obnoxious fact that, hey, karma is gonna hit me hard, someday, I still don’t want to treat anyone like that, I don’t want to ruin someone’s day just because of my own mood swings or how I’m feeling. What right do I have? Is it because I was the customer and he was the employee in our case? Matter of the fact is, in other scenarios, I’m the employee attending to other people’s demands and needs.

So why make job hierarchies and moods our main motivation to be rude, insulting, complimenting, or giving more or less to someone. Some matters are just a bit hard to answer in a simple essay, and you can’t change everyone in the world to think in a positive prospect right? But maybe you can change one, and that’s good enough for me.