Know How to Be a Kid/Adult at KidZania Cairo “Grown Up Night” Event!

Don’t you wish you can go back in time when you were just a little kid with no responsibilities? Only playing and having fun was your own mission in life. At that time, you were so happy, enjoying your life without thinking about anything that would bother you. As we get older, we forget how to enjoy our time. When we were kids, we weren’t stressed, checking our emails, phone calls every couple of minutes. We knew at that time how to relax, chill and just have some good time. However, when we grew up, we now have many tasks to be done daily, tight schedules and a busy routines. Ofcourse, acting like an adult, doing everything on your own, traveling alone, gaining your own money and much of other stuff is awesome. But at some point, the boredom and stress will enter your world and everything will be overwhelming. Moreover, you will need a break acting like a kid where no responsibilities exist. In our daily routines, we need something to do to break the stress we have. Something where it’s untraditional; something more than just traveling and outings; Something that no one will judge you if you do it. You need it just because you want to have something to cheer you up.

Have you ever felt that you want to go to kids swings or to amusement parks? Sometimes, we all get that feeling of going to those places just to let go of everything on our minds and relieve our stress like we used to do when we were kids. Of course, treating yourself like a kid with a nice outing has never been a crime. Getting spoiled every now and then by a new activity or outing will refresh your mood and senses. Actually, KidZania Cairo knew how to be creative that they came up with an idea that will make up every adult’s day.  Below you will get to know more on how to pamper yourself like a kid at KidZania Cairo.

KidZania Cairo

KidZania Cairo is a realistic city made for kids with an interesting role-playing activity such as firefighter, chef, doctor, presenter, pilot and much more of other roles. All these roles are associated with real brands like DHL, Edita Company, Al-Ahram Newspaper and many other well-known brands. KidZanira Cairo is located inside Cairo Festival City and it has been operating in Egypt since 2010.

Recently KidZania Cairo announced an event for kids that’s called “Grown Up Night”. This event is specially made for adults for a whole day. Every adult will live like a kid again and have fun at their place. Every adult has the right to play there like a fireman, radio presenter, writer, driver or whatever they want to play. The event will take place on the 18th of February 2017 from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM. Actually, if you got your ticket till 10th of February you will get it with the price of 200 EGP only.

KidZania Cairo

No doubt, spending such a night at Kidzania Cairo will change your mood positively and make you act like a kid even for one day. Find out more information about KidZania at their website and social media platforms.