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Know the Best 5 Online Brands for Bags

Know the Best 5 Online Brands for Bags that Will Surprise you!

When we talk about fashion, we find out that women the most interested in this category. But women are different from each other in the taste of fashion, personality, and choices. Actually, women are obsessed with fashion and anything related, but not all women alike and they never choose to buy the same thing. However, they are always looking for new fashionable stuff to buy. In fact, any woman have something special related to bags. Every woman considers her bag as an essential part of her outfit.  And they may go out for shopping for jeans or something but it ends up with buying only bags. Talk about bags in front of any woman and you will find her eyes sparkle to the love of bags. Bags are the secret to entering any woman’s life or for making the perfect gift for her. All girls are always looking for places where they buy the best unique bags out there just to match their style and personality.  What makes bag shopping for any woman comfortable, yet fun, is finding an easy way to buy bags without wasting her time. Basically, online shopping is becoming a trend nowadays and women are following this trend. Not because it’s a trend, but because it’s a good way where they save time and get what they want easily. The problem that many women face is the lack of information about the best online brands to buy from. So, whatever your personality is, get to know more about the best 5 online bag sellers/ brands that will make you no longer go out for bag shopping!

1- Golood Designs

A unique online shop where they sell pure 100% handmade bags and other purses. Golood Designs, are so innovative by creating unique designs that you will never find anywhere else but there. In fact, these bags will fit your outfit in any season. Their bags simply will add a  perfect finishing touch to any look and may add a vintage touch also.

You can reach them through Facebook page or Instagram account.

2- Banjaraline Designs

An Egyptian page providing astonishing bag designs with the usage of boho, colors and vintage style in all of their products. Having such a bag will change any normal outfit your wear into a super stylish outfit. Actually, you will feel that their bags are purely made with love and creativity.

You can reach Banjaraline designs easily through their Facebook page and Instagram account.

3- Palma Egypt

The quality and details of their products will just make you a proud Egyptian for having such an amazing brand like Palma that is 100% made in your country. Palma offers a unique variety of bags crafted by their amazing designers and actually their bags can fit into any woman’s lifestyle. Of course, they offer quality products but they also want their audience to be satisfied and happy with what they receive so they have a nice policy that says “If you are not 100% satisfied with the bag, you can refuse to receive it or you can return it within 3 days of purchase.”

Palma is easily reachable through Facebook page and their website.

4- ZAAM Designs

ZAAM is an Egyptian designer who designs handbags with quality materials in addition to focusing on details. In fact, their bags are so elegant and unique. However, they sell their products at affordable prices and as they say “NOW you can get a masterpiece with affordable prices so you can stand out in a crowd.”

ZAAM can be reached through Facebook page and their website.

5- Fatem Store

Fatem store offers authentic handmade leather bags and accessories. They can also can make designs according to any customer’s request. So now you can make your own bag, purse, mobile cover or whatever you want. In fact, all of their products are made from natural materials with high quality and at the same time fashionable to add to your wardrobe.

You can communicate and buy from Fatem store through their Facebook page.

Know the Best 5 Online Brands for Bags that Will Surprise you!


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