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Know the Most Adventurous Places You Need to Go on Your Weekend!

Winter Season sounds a little bit boring for some people nowadays. As the weather is cold and everyone is probably doing the same routine every day, some people may need a little spark to brighten their days.

Don’t let those routinely days dull you. Try making some memorable memories today with fun outings and activities with your friends. A great way to escape your stress and have some fun is to get out of your circle and try something new.

Whether you’re winter addicted or not, these activities will blow your mind away and make you have a blast this winter with these 6 outings ideas.

1- Autovrooom

If you want an adventurous experience, Autovrooom is your perfect choice to be. Getting that adrenaline rush is needed every now and then.This place offers you a professional kart racing track in a spacious area. You will make new good memories there. Bring your friends and form teams to play against each other. The best thing about this game is not only fun time, but it will also teach you the real meaning of teamwork and how you can work on a strategy to win even in a game.

Autovrooom is located at Obour City.

2- Cafelluca

All we need  each weekend is some fresh air to refresh our spirits and souls. Try doing something new and different. The felluca experience will do this job for you. Get your friends and have a spectacular time in Cafelluca where you will enjoy the good atmosphere, delicious food, and some good music.

Cafelluca is located at  106 Nile St. Eldoki, Giza, Cairo.

3- Gravity Code

This kind of activity is needed to relieve some of our weekly stress. Jumping up and up and up is all that you need. When you go there you will forget about everything. This experience is not for kids anymore, now it’s for all ages and genders.

Gravity Code is located at 3 Skies Plaza, EL Tes3een street, behind Americana Plaza, Fifth Settlement.

4- BreakOut Egypt

This place will get you out of the daily routine. It will make your mind think and have fun at the same time with your friends. BreakOut Egypt provides you with an escape and kidnapping experience like you’ve never lived before. Get your friends to be locked inside the room. You will be requested to work together and use your minds to escape through solving puzzles, riddles and finding clues in only 1 hour.

BreakOut Egypt is located at B311, 90th Street, New Cairo.

5- Dream Park

Don’t you miss having fun like a little kid? Dream Park is a great destination where you will enjoy your time while having fun. This place is equipped with a world of myths, legends and fairy tales and simulator theaters, games for adults and activities. You are never too old for this!

Dream Park is located at 6 October City.

Know the Most Adventurous Places You Need to Go on Your Weekend!


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